- All natural wood German technology woodworking & finish process, acoustic cabinet & sound boards.
- Japanese digital engine.
- 88 keys natural hammers action with measured weights like a standard grand piano.
- 3 piano pedals, sustain, sustenato, soft. Like a standard grand piano.
- 60 W stereo power amplifier 6 way surround sound system.
- 2 (4 in s models) best world full concert pianos sampling sounds 256 polyphony.
- Damper resonance, Stereo Sustain, Key off samples, String Resonance.
- Connectivity: phones (Standard stereo phone jack) ×2, aux out with Volume control.
- Automatic power off system.
- Power supply: 12v switching power supply.
- Adapted bench with top cover open able.
- Dimensions: H 121cm, W 150cm, D 61cm.
- Weight: 105 kg (GP175 R1 - R1S 202 kg ).
(These specifications may be changed by the Andante Piano company Ltd. without prior notice to improve quality).